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ISSE Snow socks Classic 66

ISSE Snow socks Classic 66

ISSE snow socks

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The ISSE classic snow sock is THE alternative to snow chains.

Designed to be used on snow and ice.

Made from 100% polyolefin, the snow sock gives an increase in the friction between wheel and snow or ice surfaces.

The textile snow sock gives a much more comfortable ride than traditional snow chains.

The snow socks fabric composition makes it light and handy and, subsequently, very easy to assemble, transport and store. The space needed in the boot, as compared to traditional snow chains, is insignificant, and their flexibility makes them adaptable to small spaces.

The ISSE snow socks do not cause vibration on steering or the tyres, minimizing driving inconveniences.

ISSE snow socks work with high-tenacity threads. It improves the product durability, avoiding its breakage in incidental conditions when used on snow or ice. ISSE snow socks occupy a minimum space between the tyres and the bodywork. Hence the risk of touching some other elements, such as an electronic safety device, ABS, EPS, brake hoses, joints, dampers, etc. is decreased. ISSE bring safety to extreme driving conditions.

Fits Tyre Sizes:

        14''             15''             16''             17''             18''             19"             20''
195/75R14 185/70R15 175/75R16 185/60R17 215/45R18 225/35R19 235/30R20
205/70R14 195/70R15 185/75R16 205/55R17 225/40R18 225/40R19 245/35R20
205/75R14 195/75R15 195/60R16 215/50R17 225/45R18 235/35R19 245/30R20
215/70R14 205/65R15 195/65R16 215/55R17 235/40R18 245/35R19 265/30R20
215/75R14 205/70R15 205/60R16 225/50R17 235/45R18 245/40R19 275/35R20
185/80R14 205/75R15 205/65R16 225/55R17 245/40R18 255/35R19 255/35R20
195/80R14 215/60R15 215/55R16 235/45R17 245/45R18 255/40R19
245/60R14 215/65R15 215/60R16 235/50R17 255/40R18 265/30R19
225/70R14 215/70R15 215/65R16 245/45R17 265/35R18 275/30R19
205/80R14 225/60R15 225/55R16 255/45R17 265/40R18 285/35R19
235/70R14 225/65R15 225/60R16 255/50R17 275/35R18 285/30R19
                   230/60R15 235/50R16 265/40R17 275/40R18 295/30R19
                   235/55R15 245/55R16 275/40R17 285/40R18 325/30R19
                   235/60R15 255/55R16 285/40R17 295/35R18 265/35R19
                   245/60R15 165/75R16 185/65R17 335/30R18 305/30R19
                   255/60R15 175/70R16 245/50R17 205/45R18 255/30R19
                   275/50R15 185/65R16 255/50R17 215/50R18 275/35R19
                   175/75R15 235/55R16 275/35R17 205/55R18
                   165/80R15 245/50R16 335/35R17 225/50R18
                   175/80R15 175/80R16 285/35R18
                   215/65R15 315/30R18

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